In today's modern-day, chain restaurants are on every corner you come across. Our goal is to break the mold of a non-scratch-made society and provide individuals with fresh, sustainable ingredients and an emphasis on bold, delicious flavors that push the boundaries.  

Our focus with each opportunity that comes our way to expand and grow is never to lose touch of our neighborhood feel. Instead, we aim to evoke community through food and beverages at each chance we get. Empress is more than a social dining group; we are vessels of new yet comforting experiences, building conversations with a heavy emphasis on service and a passion for bringing the community together through hospitality. We crave to stimulate a modern, edgy ambiance that is anything but ordinary, woven into our community's fabric, and leaves you yearning for more.  

In today's challenging market, we believe there is always room for growth by knowing the analytics and numbers behind any business. This is why we do what we do. Our hunger for creating the most flavorsome delicacies and ambition to succeed within the restaurant world sets us apart from the rest. So, within the four walls of all of our brands, we hope to evoke an atmosphere that continues to (Em)press you with our knowledgeable family of team members who go above and beyond to curate the perfect pairings for your tasting pleasures.